Information Security in Health Systems




Nowadays, more health care organizations are in lack of the protective system for prevention, correction, and monitoring data violation, or in this field are weak, and they have a minimum operating budget case in point, the total economic losses caused by violations in the treatment are about six billion dollars annually.

Due to the moving towards an electronic system fully automatic treatment and electronic health records, more information is at risk, and data security privacy policies should be investigated urgently. In this our new work, user’s privacy rules, security basics, protection of privacy, integration, and the availability data will be presented. Also it will explain about security program components, rules, processes, and standards, and also quality of management and risk analysis, assessment, identification and assessment of ancillary system.

This work is dedicated to Dr. MirMohammad Ali Mirrezaei for his 40 years of yeoman's services and his being selected as the nominated physician for more than 15 times.

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