The Role of Information Technology in Poverty Reduction




Since poverty is known as the root of many problems in today’s society, sociologists have always been looking for a solution and control it. The poverty of the poor in the first stage originates from weak culture and lack of education and later lack of income, poor sanitation and intellectual disabilities are appropriate for taking advantage of job opportunities .So, this category is a complicated economic-social problem that include different aspects. Social connection among people is increasing daily due to growth of information technology development and the world is located on the brink of knowledge revolution. This technology is a phenomenon that all segment of society can take profit by the size of their knowledge and capacity without any discrimination. Necessarily, there is no limit for urban or rural families, males and females, and black or white.

Today, according to statistics, global standard shows the extent of people access to technology including information technology and the percent of poverty or wealth of the nations in various dimensions. In many parts of the world, the poor classes have little access to information technology that meet only their primary needs; to meet their needs completely. ICT can play the role of a catalyst in reducing poverty. This means that if the technology is adapted to the needs of the poor and is in line with the economic-social policy of the government in resolving this need, it can be used as an effective factor in accelerating poverty reduction. Hence, in this Book we discuss on how can we reduce poverty by using IT.

This work is dedicated to Mr. Sami Yusuf as an international singer and the UN Global Ambassador for the World Food Programme for his unsparing efforts in reduction of poverty.

'Recent work' is published by LuLu publication in USA on June 25th 2017

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