Future of CRM: The Study of Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Use of Social Networks




Special thanks to all Faculty of Dalarna University Especially those who gave us this opportunity to present the Our latest research by title " Future of CRM:The Study of Customer Relationship Management Strategy and Use of Social Networks". In terms of economic recession, economic institutions found out that their relationship with the customers must be changed. They also found out that traditional advertising campaign and marketing channels are not enough to capture the minds and hearts of the customers. It is true that the advertising campaign an... are considered as a competitive key factor in world economy, but to be successful in today dynamic market another important member by the name of clients must be taken into consideration. Customer relationship management allows organization to recognize appeared market opportunities by more probability and increase their competitive advantages. Companies with more meaningful relationship and influence on customers will achieve the highest competitive perspectives successes and meet client expectations.

Economic crisis is not the only thing that affects on customers relationship. Increasing smart cell phone and social networks popularity leads customers to demand more information out of these channels. Furthermore these economic institutions found out that use of this technology makes marketing economical and enhance their access to clients information. Hence in this research workwe consider the strategy of customer-base marketing and use of social networks on customers relationship management in future.

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