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Research is defined as a systematic and coherent effort in line with the development of existing knowledge about various issues; regarding this effort new horizons and novel solutions will be discovered for peripheral problems . In this regard, a researcher tries to achieve new insight issues with the scientific methods to various concepts and while researcher can use various tools to see existing phenomena more deeply and accurately. In any communities, development in this area needs expanding research-based approaches and success in different fields such as of commerce, industry, agriculture, services,etc. depends on development in related research activities .

Modern FA international Centre of IT and Management Research initiated its activity with the aim of highlighting the relationship between information technology and management and providing individuals with their needs for the international research; its motivation is promoting knowledge and engineers and managers’ abilities also transfer of the results to international community . Researchers of this centre established horizons and more widespread looks than traditional managers or managers who are stranger with technology by examining fundamental principles and the requirements of efficient and professional management in all fields by the use of modern technologies including information technology.

Improvement in productivity and advances in problem solving in technology and management field , development planning via managing all the studies processes including thinking, study, innovation and finding new solutions and appropriate approaches in performing missions , tasks and observations, and evaluation and update of the comprehensive plans, by benefiting from a highly skilled workforce and use of experienced scientific board master in technology are just some services of the centre.

Identifying and applying new solutions and collaboration with young researchers are considered as necessities of the center in achieving following qualitative and quantitative goals:

  1. 1. Implementing research projects qualitatively and accelerating them

    Using up-to-date methods, technologies and theoretical foundations- attention to scientific, administrative, analytical qualifications and professional ethics- effective presence of the experts observing the context studies and presence of employers in delivery of the projects – measuring efficiency index , fine- tuning of RFP, proposal and coordination between the RFP and the approved proposal are of the most important achievements of the first goal which in fact is implementation of the projects in a qualitative way and accelerating their implementation.

  2. 2. Bringing the results of studies effectiveness in various activities

    Bringing the organization to its real position, and dignity by meeting expectations , vision and mission of the centre, setting up strategic, tactical and operational programs- identifying needs of the society and the matching the function of the organization with knowledge- based management practices--priortizing researches and setting the time to achieve the expected output and evaluating productivity index- purpose-oriented support of dissertations, conferences, seminars and other achievements will be the results of effective studies .

  3. 3. Coordination , observation,planning and evaluation of projects

    The establishment and development of monitoring system plans for the realization of the planning and preparation plans related to reform and the completion of a comprehensive plan and manageto monitor and evaluate the realization of the plans .

  4. 4. Development in internal and external associations of the center

    Targeted development and communications of centre with other international organizations, Iranian scientific communities and internal and external centers and identification of parallel activities in the field of information technology and management via the creation of a database of stakeholders .

  5. 5. Attraction of elites and interaction with Iranian and international intellectuals and pundits

    Creation and focusing on the communication channels, defining appropriate position for organizations and adjusting correspondences principles in order to identify, attract and make advantage of elites and pundits’ professional capabilities in activities of the center.

  6. 6. Providing the center with equipmentand developing the center (regarding human, physical, and financial resources , etc.)

    Reform in organizational tasks in accordance with the organizational structure - the use of information technology in activities and establishing a comprehensive database along with the purposes of the center.

Approaches and Strategies in the Center:

All activities are done according to Strategies of the Center

Researches are processed based on existing needs

Focus on reform in processes and determination of indices of productivity (efficiency and effectiveness)

Use the results of the investigation as administrative approaches

Establishment and development of communication and interaction with managers , deputies , CEOs in organizations , companies , experts , citizens and other cities , as well as other with similar centres with regard to the goals of the centre

Publishing the results of Studies based on targets openly for the public use

Focusing on the concept of result-based scholarly meetings with the presence of different levels of managers and experts with regard to the goals and programs of the centre

Focus on attracting and maintenance of elites and experts

Changing the center to a knowledge - based effective organization

Making benefit of payment systems based on the outcome along the aims

Today the scope of application and the use of information technology and management tools are much wider than before. Solving social problems and difficulties of human rights is only a small sample. Modern FA with wider view to information technology as a language which knows no limitations and is not limited to any religions, race or nationality . Modern FA speaks of progress, peace, justice by information technology and its knowledge of management. Certainly, the role of this technology in creating the campaigns and interactions is undeniable. Modern FA announces its mission on gathering public together via information technology not dividing them under differences. Managers of this centrebelieve that technology development should not result in peoples’ more engagement with technology tools to end, but the most important goal of technological growth seems to be opportunities for the family to get together and enjoy their union .

  • "The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it"

  • "In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield. Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration ."

  • "It is far better to do the right thing wrong than to do the wrong thing right.A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. "